For the love of lamb! (Whole Lamb) deposit


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Grass fed, hormone free, home grown lamb.  Square Mile's Lamb is both succulent and delicious!

Tried and tested these lambs are succulent and will no doubt be a family favourite.


How it works

  • The $100 charged today is a deposit
  • *weights are approximates and will vary slightly depending on the lamb and season
  • Once final weight it determined you will be charged at $21/kg prior to delivery.
  • On average our lambs are approximately 15 - 16kg.  
  • If you have any questions: Claire 0431373336



  • 1.8kg* Lamb Shanks
  • 4kg* Leg of Lamb (or butterflied lamb please let us know in the notes section)
  • 3.5kg* Rolled Shoulder Roast (or mince/diced lamb/forequarter chops please let us know in the notes section)
  • 1.5kg* Chump Chops
  • 1.5* Loin Chops (or back strap - please let us know in the notes section)
  • 1.5kg* Cutlets (or rack of lamb - you decide and let us know in the notes section)
  • 1kg* Lamb Mince

* We try our best to keep packs as close to the listed content, however occasionally we do need to make minor adjustments.
** We are excited to announce that we have new insulated packaging that is good for the environment and even better for our deliveries!! Let us know if there is a ideal spot for us to leave your Square Mile Pack!


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