Growing up in the heart of the Gippsland Region, Claire is a sixth generation farmer with a passion for primary production. Claire holds a degree in Animal Science from Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. She also competed in the Australian Intercollegiate Meat Judging Competition in 2015. The competition focussed on educating the participants on the whole process of meat production, specifically with beef, lamb & pork.

Over the years, Claire has worked extensively throughout many facets of Australian Agriculture including both the grain and wool industries of New South Wales. There were many lessons learnt and fun times had driving a chaser bin at Barellen and rouseabouting at Junee during Uni holidays. Claire worked on a cattle station in outback Queensland as well as continual work alongside her parents in their dairy and beef operations.

Claire believes in selling only the finest meat and the finest meat comes from animals and land that are well cared for. She has been lucky enough to be able to operate this business on their family run farm and takes great pride in being able to share her love of all things agriculture with the wider community.

THE SUPPORT CREW - Frank (aka Dad)

Frank grew up on a property in Nar Nar Goon and has spent a lifetime in agriculture including time spent as a stock agent, dairy farmer, in beef production and the pasture seed industry. Frank has a genuine love for primary production and as a result is the Square Mile “go to” person for all things cattle and farming in general.

THE SUPPORT CREW - Marianne (aka Mam or Mum)

Mam forms an integral part of the Square Mile team and although not a born and bred farmer she is what we refer to as our ‘Canya’ – “Canya open that gate” or “Canya pick up an extra bag of insulators” the ‘Canyas’ are endless! Mam is often found doing the odd jobs around the place and picking up the slack! Being out in nature, cooking and sharing meals with friends and family are her passions and as a result she is in charge of providing the recipes that we all know and love! Mam is a stickler for supporting local industry and buying Australian made.


THE SUPPORT CREW - Pep (aka The Wonder Dog)

Pep was born in Narrandera, NSW and is out of Wyreema bloodlines, the oldest Kelpie stud in Australia. She is a soft natured and soft moving paddock bitch which is ideal for the low stress animal handling techniques Square Mile prides itself on. She is black and tan in colour and can often be found trailing behind Claire or antagonising our old dog Daisy.

THE SUPPORT CREW - Lottie (aka The Super Pony)

Lot is a black quarter horse mare who is used in most areas of animal movement around the farm. She has great natural instincts and is a handy little horse that will do anything she is asked, as long as she knows there is an apple waiting for her when she gets home!


Claire runs both Angus cattle and cross bred lambs, on her family property located in Nar Nar Goon, Victoria. The high rainfall and rich, heavy clay soil, conducive to growing spuds and asparagus, makes it the ideal environment to produce grass fed, hormone free beef and lamb.

Cattle are run in a rotational grazing system to ensure they have access to the best and freshest grass all year round. As a result, the herd are frequently moved around the farm and hence are well accustomed to humans, dogs and horse interaction. All cattle and sheep work is done under low stress management strategies to ensure a safe and relaxed environment for all. This not only makes for a far better work environment but in turn increases the quality of the final product.

The animals are personally delivered to the local, award winning abattoirs less than 30km away for ethical and humane slaughter and delivered back to our local butcher for ageing and processing. The carcase is hung for at least 12-14 days to ensure optimum tenderness and together with the butcher, Claire works to process and package your beautiful box.

At Square Mile Meats we strive to bring the finest meat to your table, as well as the real story behind it, so you know exactly where your food comes from.


The name Square Mile comes from Claire’s connection to the small community of Maryknoll. Claire’s grandparents were part of the original group to establish this town in West Gippsland in the 1950s and three generations of her family have now enjoyed living there. Maryknoll was mapped out on an area of a square mile.